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Volume 29: Raupenschlepper Ost - RSO

Quick Overview

  • by Volker Andorfer, Anthony J. Greenland

  • published on December 15, 2012

  • soft cover

  • german & english texts

  • 176 pages

  • 375 photos (166 historic, 21 model, 188 modern)

  • 50 blueprints

  • 16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organsisation (KStN)

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Volume 29: Raupenschlepper Ost - RSO

Authors: Volker Andorfer, Anthony J. Greenland

With the revised section of Volume 9 , published in 2010 we brought up to date the 7 ,5 cm Pak 40/4 auf gep. Selbstfahrlafette Raupenschlepper Ost RSO. This included new drawings, additional historical photos and text; and assisted those modelers who purchased the new Dragon kit 6640. However under 100 vehicles were produced, whilst it’s sisters the RSO/01 and /03 saw over 27,000 units manufactured. With a vast amount of information and Lutz Konetzny’s outstanding historical photos the team decided this was an essential addition to the series. With an outstanding historical section, supported by museum vehicles, scale drawing and accurate camouflage renditions we are confident that this will be one of our most popular issues. This issue should also be especially welcome for the AFV modeler, as Dragon have now released their RSO/01 & 03 kits.

4/1/17: Cover photo and page 75 center by Heiner F. Duske

Right now our cover photo of Nuts & Bolts Vol. 29 and from page 75 center is now on sale with Ebay. The caption says "Raupenschlepper Ost Steyr RSO 30. Infanterie-Division Rückzug (retreat) 1944". This information was sent in from our reader Stanley Camps in New Zealand. Thank you Stanley! The Ebay photo caption backs up our photo caption. The Divisions-Füsilier Bataillon 30 was part of 30. Infanterie-Division. The bataillon was formed as Radfahr-Abteilung in 1940, renamed 01. Apr 1943 and rebuilt in Aufklärungs-Abteilung 30 with 5 Schwadronen and received its last name Divisions-Füsilier Bataillon 30 on 03. Nov 1943. It fought on the northern front in Russia. (Lexikon der Wehrmacht)

Unser Cover Foto aus Nuts & Bolts Vol. 29 and von Seite 75 Mitte wird gerade bei Ebay angeboten. Das Fotos wird erläutert mit "Raupenschlepper Ost Steyr RSO 30. Infanterie-Division Rückzug 1944". Diese Information sandte uns unser Leser Stanley Camps aus Neu-Seeland. Danke Stanley! Die Ebay Beschreibung deckt sich mit unserer Bildunterschrift. Das Divisions-Füsilier Bataillon 30 war eine Einheit der 30. Infanterie-Division. Das Bataillon wurde 1940 als Radfahr-Abteilung aufgestellt, am 01. Apr. 1940 umbenannt und neu gegliedert in Aufklärungs-Abteilung 30 mit 5 Schwadronen und erhielt seine letzte Bezeichnung Divisions-Füsilier Bataillon 30 am 03. Nov 1943. Es kämpfte an der Nordfront in Russland. (Lexikon der Wehrmacht)


Thank you, Jerome, we are sure this kit will inspire many readers.

6/20/15: 29D: Prototype of after war RSO for Austrian Army - Nachkriegs-Prototyp des RSO für das Österreichische Bundesheer by Heiner F. Duske

Our reader F. Mayer sent us a very interesting photo, showing an after war prototype of the RSO,called Steyr "Muli" which was offered to the Austrian Army, but failed. This vehicle is still in existance. Unser Leser F. Mayer sandte uns ein sehr interessantes Bild eines Nachkriegs-Prototyp des RSO, called "Steyr-Muli", den Steyr vergeblich dem österreichischen Bundesheer angeboten hat. Dieser Prototyp existiert heute noch.


12/29/12: 29A - Mystery solved - page 77 top photo by Anthony J. Greenland

Our reader Ingolf Schmidt solved the mystery of the circular device found on the windscreen on some RSOs, mainly on vehicles of snow clearing units. The purpose was to clear snow blown onto the windscreen from the snow plough or blower. These circular discs rotated at high speed and kept the windscreens clear of snow and rain. From this photo it also appear that their inclusion would preclude the use of standard windscreen wipers. - Thank you for this explanation, Mr. Schmidt.

6/20/15: Original Steyr jack for the RSO - Original Steyr Wagenheber für den RSO by Heiner F. Duske

One of our readers has sent in some photos of an original Steyr jack for the RSO, he wants to sell. If interested contact us on this site (at the bottom "Contact") and we will make contact for you. Einer unserer Leser hat einige Fotos von seinem originalen Steyr Wagenheber eingeschickt, den er verkaufen will. Falls einer unserer Leser Interesse hat, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail (am Ende der Seite mit "Contact") und wir stellen dann den Kontakt her.


12/30/12: 29B - RSO in Museum in Lapland (Finland) by Heiner F. Duske

Our reader Esa Muikku send more information on the RSO in Lapland:

The more complete and corrected story goes like this: Finland bought 53 RSOs from Germany during spring 1944. At least part of them was allocated to artillery units to tow field guns. After the war, in spring 1946 they were sold to Road And Water Construction Administration (governmental office responsible for building roads, rivers, dams etc).

At the “Gold Village” (a museum and tourism center displaying gold panning activities in Lapland) in Tankavaara in Lapland there is one RSO on display. The local guide text says that Road And Water Construction Administration sold this one later to a scrap dealer. Geological Research Institute bought two RSOs from a scrap dealer and used them in field duties in 1950-60s.

I am enclosing a couple of photos taken by Mr. Ilpo Ojanperä, who should be credited for them.

Best regards Esa Muikku

The Nuts & Bolts Team says thank you to Esa Muikku and Ilpo Ojanperä for the additional information and the photos.


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