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Price increase

We purchase a lot of various components for every new Nuts & Bolts books from outside of the EURO currency zone. Due to the inclining EUR currency rate has meant that we are having to pay more to produce each publication. We have maintained our prices unaltered since 2010 but regrettably we are unable to do so any longer....

New Nuts & Bolts title end of May

Dear friends of Nuts & Bolts,
right now it seems that we will publish our next title (Vol. 34) second half of May. It is packed with all variants of an unarmoured halftrack. Find more informations soon under the ISSUES section. Be stunned...

Nuts & Bolts on YouTube

Our friends at Historex, UK had done a fabulous job on a short video "Introducing Nut & Bolts Reference Books".

Here is the link: Historex, UK

Nuts & Bolts Vol. 33 "Wespe" / le.Feldhaubitze 18 towed / "Hummel-Wespe" on sale Nov.12th 2014

Good news from our printer: the new Nuts & Bolts will be delivered already on Nov. 12th 2014. The book will contain technical details and time period photos of the following types...

Nuts & Bolts Vol. 33 "Wespe" - completely new vol. - no reprint

Nuts & Bolts Vol.33 will contain „Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 „Wespe“ and „Hummel-Wespe“. It is a complete new volume and no reprint from Nuts & Bolts Vol. 02. It was more than 18 years since we published Nuts & Bolts Vol. 02 on the „Wespe“. It contained a short summary of the vehicle and...

Nuts & Bolts Vol. 32 in time from the printer, available May 20th 2014, order now

Nuts & Bolts 32 will contain technical details and time period photos of the following lorry types:

Büssing-NAG III GL 6, Büssing-NAG KV/KD, Henschel type 33 B1, D1, G1, FA1...

New Tamiya Nashorn kit 35335

Nuts & Bolts Vol. 14 - Nashorn - The ideal companion for the new Tamiya kit. Still available at your dealer or directly from us. For details please visit the ISSUES section.

New Team members created

Welcome to two new Team Members: Mr. Holger Erdmann in the author section and Mr. Ray Charles in the contributor section. For details visit the TEAM section.

Nuts & Bolts Vol. 31 in time

All who are impatiently waiting for Nuts & Bolts Vol. 31 on the Marder II: the book will arrive in time from the printers and we will start shipping on Monday 18.11.2013. Be curious!

Server transferred

Dear friends of Nuts & Bolts,
during the last two days our Server was transferred to a different provider. We are very sorry for all, who have tried to connect to our web-site unsuccessfully. But now the site should work as before. But if you find any mal-function, please don't hesitate to send me a direct E-Mail.

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